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Technology Licensing

Through a licensing agreement, companies can use BiOWiSH® Technology for their own products. BiOWiSH® can be added to a wide range of industrial and consumer products.  Enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEF’s),  animal feed,  home, garden and pool products are just a few examples where BiOWiSH® can provide substantial benefits.

100% natural and organic, BiOWiSH® Technology accelerates natural biological processes, helping to improve water quality, digest waste, remove odors, and enhance soil fertility.

The Powered by BiOWiSH® logo is a dynamic graphic incorporating the BiOWiSH® circle and logotype. It is primarily used in the private label or custom manufactured products. Private label or co-branded products are special circumstances and are treated on a case-by-case basis.


The use of the Powered by BiOWiSH® Logo requires a separate legal agreement. To inquire about the agreement or request the current Powered by BiOWiSH® logo, contact the Corporate Marketing Department at

BiOWiSH Technologies also provides custom-manufacturing and private labeling of products.

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