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We offer professionals in the environmental management and agricultural industries advanced microbial solutions to restore quality to the world’s polluted waters, safely increase crop production, and help feed the world’s growing population. Using natural products, we create beneficial shifts in microbial ecologies to help you change the world.

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BiOWiSH provides industry-leading biotechnology solutions for the agriculture and environmental management industries.

At BiOWiSH Technologies, we are channeling the power of nature with all-natural products that are contributing to rebuilding and improving living conditions around the world. Our biotechnology products are showing significant positive results in many industries – industries such as agronomy and perishable foods as well as wastewater treatment and surface water treatment.

Let’s work together by embracing microbials as an alternative to known and potentially harmful practices – harmful practices that are happening now all around the world.

Our mission is to harness the power of our biotechnology to solve global environmental issues. Join us in our efforts to develop all-natural products for industries such as agronomy, food quality, feed supplementation, landfills & odor control, and wastewater treatment.

Our Industries


BiOWiSH® provides a comprehensive technology that supplements best practices in the agriculture industry. In other words, we design our products to fit into your current farming practices.

Wastewater Treatment

BiOWiSH® technology helps industries and governments leapfrog conventional, costly and capital intensive treatment technologies.

Animal Agriculture

BiOWiSH® enhances the performance of animal feed. It can easily be applied in-field by farmers or incorporated into feed manufacturing.


BiOWiSH® aquaculture programs increase the growth rate and weight of fish and shrimp, reduce labor and associated costs for pond treatment, and increase feed efficiency and digestibility.

Hydrocarbon Remediation

BiOWiSH® technology increases the oxidation rate of organic pollutants, making it highly effective to use in the remediation of contaminated soil or polluted bodies of water.

Food Quality

Our BiOWiSH® Fruit & Vegetable Wash can help get your bananas to market fresher.

Surface Water Treatment

Across the globe, municipalities and businesses are using BiOWiSH Technologies’ advanced bioaugmentation solutions for the natural treatment of waste and surface water.

Odor Control & Waste Management

BiOWiSH® rapidly eliminates odor, accelerates solid waste decomposition, and improves leachate quality to help landfills, compost sites, sewage stations and other industries comply with local regulations.




In less than 3 months, we achieved stability and a chemical-free operation in our effluent treatment plant. We’ve saved money on energy and chemical costs, and no longer generate waste sludge. BiOWiSH® is phenomenal

George Paul - Director
Synthite Industries, India

We had a recent case of very strong odour from a deceased body in a house and had tried the top deodorising product from one of Australia’s leading cleaning products companies which hardly made a difference. We then used just 40gm of BiOWiSH Odor and applied it with our low volume high pressure misting equipment and obtained at least a 90% reduction in odour. The result was nothing short of amazing and allowed the house to return to rental stock. We strongly recommend the product for very intense odours.

Shane Aylmore
Carnarvon Pest Control, Australia

I am a client of BiOWiSH Technologies Pty Ltd and have used their product in the waste industry. We current operate a landfill facility which has potential for odour problems, we specifically applied BiOWiSH® Odor to a wet weather area in which odour was a problem. We applied the product as a surface spray and were more then satisfied with the elimination of odour. Second to that the product was easy to handle and prepare for application with no health and safety issues. This was the first use of a Biowish product and we feel comfortable with the product to continue doing business we also would recommend its use in similar applications.

James Fox - Environmental Officer
Brisbane City Council, Australia

We noticed that the treated plants grew more consistently and are more healthy and vibrant than we have seen them before. The increase in yield weight was also noticeable when we harvested the Bok Choy, as was the improved palatability. We have continued to use the product beyond the trial and would recommend it to other Hydroponic farming operations

Adam and Damien Manno - Owners
Manno Hydroponics, Australia

BiOWiSH® will revolutionize the hydroponics industry by helping farmers to harvest more regularly. I’ve been in the hydroponics business for 23 years and haven’t seen anything like it before. We introduced the technology in one of our worst performing greenhouses to really test it out, but within weeks it became one of our best in terms of plant performance and health. Not only were the lettuces heavier, they were also thicker and more consistent.

Joe D’anastasi - Owner
Glenorie Hydroponics, Australia

I had used BiOWiSH® on a blocked trade waste drain in a restaurant. Those in the industry will know that grease trap odour can be the worst of all and in a restaurant it will certainly put diners off their food. After clearing the blockage and cleaning up, I told the restaurant owner that I was going to use a new product that would eliminate odour from his restaurant and the grease trap. Initially he was skeptical, as I was at first, however after using BiOWiSH® the smell had completely disappeared and he was able to use his kitchen and the restaurant that same afternoon.  Needless to say my client was very glad that I had used BiOWiSH®

Brad Major
Sydney Drain Clearing and Plumbing, Australia

We used BiOWiSH® over the past 8 months. We empty the contents down the dish washer sink and have achieved extraordinary results. Previously our grease tank had to be cleaned out by a private contractor four times a year, now there is no need as BiOWiSH® breaks down the grease and self manages the grease tank. We have been most impressed with this product and will recommend it to our colleagues in the catering industry

Dick Boyle - Managing Director
The Grand Hotel, United Kingdom

I have used BiOWiSH® on a sewer that had overflowed into the backyard of a terrace house in Sydney. After mixing the product with water I simply poured it over the affected area and within seconds the smell was completely gone!” This was the first time I had used the product and I have to say I was amazed

Brad Major
Sydney Drain Clearing & Plumbing, Australia

You can tell BiOWiSH® is working to break down the sludge and organic waste. We have never seen activity like this in our dams before

David McLeod - Manager
David McLeod, Manager, Boen Boe Stud, Australia, Australia

Since adding BiOWiSH® to our ponds we have seen a general reduction in the clods of manure floating on our ponds. BiOWiSH® has broken these down and reduced our total suspended solids.

Michael Perich - Director
Leppington Pastoral Company, Australia

Nutrient [discharge] levels have dropped dramatically. So too has crusting. The reduction in solids will be a significant cost saving

Ashley Senn - District Agronomist
New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Australia

BiOWiSH®-Aqua FOG has dramatically reduced the level of environmentally-harmful oil polluted wastewater from our production line to an absolute minimum without any substantial investments. In fact, our current oil concentration level is so much lower than the set limit, that we could have let our wastewater go straight out into the municipal sewage system

Frode Aarsby - General Manager
Star Autoco AS, Norway

Kemp Meats Pty Ltd has been trialling and using BiOWiSH® in effluent ponds to control odor and solids. We are very happy with the results and would recommend BiOWiSH® to other meat processing plants to control odor. We are extremely impressed by the very high level of service, something rare in this present economic climate

Andrew Kemp
Kemp Meats Pty Ltd, Australia

Six weeks after applying BiOWiSH® to our effluent ponds, the sludge buildup has been noticeably reduced; our wash down water is much cleaner and has no smell.

Michael Sams - Manager
Wollondilly Abattoirs, Australia 

BiOWiSH® has helped us reduce odors and BOD levels in our wastewater holding tanks, lowering our energy costs and discharge fees to municipal sewer lines by up to 60%.

Bill Leon - Plant Manager
Foster Farms Manufacturing Facility, USA 

The great reduction in sludge generated by the plant and the associated costs of removal, which were the single largest operating cost item in our annual budget, will allow us to re-allocate these projected savings to other uses.

Cliff Jones - Plant Manager
Mission Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant, USA

BiOWiSH® reduced the strength of our sewage by up to 83% and our solids by up to 90%

David Swan - Engineering Manager
Bathurst Regional Council, Australia

BiOWiSH® has been the ideal solution for Wickar Brewing, no capital cost, easy to apply and it has saved us a great deal of effort and cost

Philip Downes - Head Brewer
Wickar Brewing Company, United Kingdom

In less than 3 months, we achieved stability and a chemical-free operation in our effluent treatment plant. We’ve saved money on energy and chemical costs, and no longer generate waste sludge. BiOWiSH® is phenomenal

George Paul - Director
Synthite Industries, India