Technology Overview

BiOWiSH® products increase the efficiency and effectiveness of natural biological processes in food production, environmental management, and human and pet health. They work by leveraging multiple biological pathways to enhance crop yields, boost animal production, improve water quality, and promote better health in both humans and pets.

BiOWiSH® products are comprised of naturally occurring micro-organisms and their metabolites which are produced in the US through a series of proprietary, novel fermentation processes.

These processes induce epigenetic changes in the organisms resulting in the expression of specific phenotypic attributes, such as increased stability and catalyst production, generating significant performance enhancements across a broad range of application conditions. BiOWiSH® products provide a level of performance and sustainability unmatched in value for our customers.


This composite biocatalyst creates an enhanced biochemical reaction that works in a faster, more efficient manner. Our robust products are designed to be simple to apply within current management and delivery systems already being used in industry.

Why is BiOWiSH Unique?

BiOWiSH® technology creates an enhanced biochemical reaction that works in a faster and more efficient manner than available alternatives. It is a game-changing technology that has been proven in both scientific research and commercial field applications with market leading companies.

BiOWiSH® Technologies was formed to commercialize products (biocatalysts and probiotics) derived from a unique blend of naturally occurring microorganisms, enzymes and co-factors.

We believe in disrupting the status quo by creating superior and innovative solutions to our customer’s unmet needs across a diverse range of industries. We enter markets, regions, or industries where we can make a big difference.

We have a high-caliber team of people who are committed to reaching the full potential of BiOWiSH®technology to benefit mankind. They have diverse backgrounds with experience in microbiology, research and development, consumer products, agriculture, wastewater treatment, oleo-chemicals, petroleum, alternative energies, and industrial products.

Broad Spectrum

BiOWiSH® technology effectively hydrolyzes and oxidizes a wide range of complex organic material into smaller material, helping to eliminate waste; reduce odors and volatile organic compounds; improve water quality; enhance soil fertility and nutrient uptake by plants.

Broad Functionality

BiOWiSH® technology has a broad range of commercial applications including Aquaculture, Agronomy, Animal Agriculture, Wastewater Treatment, Waste Management, and Consumer Products.

Broad Operating Conditions

BiOWiSH® technology has proven effective in a wide range of environmental conditions, across temperature, salinity, pH, chlorination, pathogen presence, and dissolved oxygen content.

History of Biotechnology

BiOWiSH® technology was discovered in Thailand when a microbiologist identified a select group of microorganisms that had the ability to accelerate the decomposition of organic waste matter in shrimp ponds.

In 2007, BiOWiSH Technologies was formed to develop the technology for the commercial market place, and subsequently, acquired the global intellectual property rights to the technology. A new team of US-based scientists, in partnership with renowned research institutions, took on the early research and further developed the technology for a multitude of commercial applications. This US-led effort resulted in the creation of a new range of high-quality products that are manufactured under controlled industrial conditions.

Today, BiOWiSH® technology continues to evolve across a variety of settings as a 100% natural and safe means of digesting organic waste matter, reducing odors and emissions, enhancing soil fertility, and improving water quality.

Research Partners

BiOWiSH Technologies is committed to research and development and has formed partnerships with leading research institutions to explore the potential of our core technology across a wide range of commercial applications.