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Improves Crop Yields and Restores Soil Fertility

Over the past 50 years, global food production has tripled, largely as a result of advances in agronomy. However, food production still needs to increase to meet growing demand due to increasing global population. According to one UN report, food production may need to increase by as much as 100% by 2050 to meet the demand.

BiOWiSH® provides a comprehensive technology that supplements best practices in the agriculture industry. In other words, we design our products to fit into your current farming practices. By enhancing the beneficial role of microbial activity in crop production, BiOWiSH® technology helps growers improve yields and add more harvests per year.

The lettuce on the left was treated with BiOWiSH® Crop, while the lettuce on the right did not have BiOWiSH® crop applied. For this hydroponic lettuce farm in Australia, faster growth provided an additional crop rotation per year and a significant improvement in farm profitability.

This corn on the left was treated with BiOWiSH® Crop, while the corn on the right was untreated. At this stage of the corn growth, you can easily see the difference in the size of the roots as well as the increase in leaf size.

Agronomy Technology

Enhancing the soil naturally

The crop production ecosystem possesses an extraordinary amount of biochemical activity. A gram of soil may contain as many as four billion bacteria and one million fungi. These living organisms continually repeat the process of chemical and physical change.

Effective in a wide range of conditions, BiOWiSH® biocatalysts accelerate the rate of these biochemical reactions faster than available alternatives over a wide range of environmental conditions. The benefits that growers experience include improved yields, which adds directly to their bottom lines.

Tests performed by growers, distributors, universities, independent third party researchers and government institutes all agree that the results of using BiOWiSH® products are unmatched.