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BiOWiSH® See You at the World Ag Expo!

See You at the World Ag Expo!

If you’re looking for sustainable agriculture and livestock solutions, come visit us at booth #6018 at the World Ag Expo!

Our experts will be on hand to give you more information about how BiOWiSH® can help you increase crop yield, improve soil productivity, and more. We’ll be handing out a few samples of our BiOWiSH® Crop and BiOWiSH® MultiBio products, while supplies last, so you can experience our powerful technology for yourself.

What Will BiOWiSH Bring to World Ag?

BiOWiSH Technologies will bring advanced microbial solutions that help farmers sustainably increase crop production and improve production efficiencies.

At the Expo, we look forward to answering all your questions about biological technology and explaining our mission of bringing you better life through biology. Our goal is to help farmers feed the world by providing sustainable microbial products that increase yield and improve ROI. How do we do that?


Agronomy Solutions

Our Crop products help farmers sustainably increase crop production while maintaining the value of your plants. Research studies show that BiOWiSH® Crop Technology improves crop yield for corn, wheat, tomatoes, and much more. When farmers use our products, they notice enhanced root development and improved plant vigor. In the soil, BiOWiSH® Crop Technology increases nutrient availability, microbial activity, and overall productivity. Click here to learn more about BiOWiSH® Crop.

For any technology to be truly revolutionary, it needs to be safe and simple to use. That’s why our biotechnology solutions are comprised of microorganisms that are known to be safe for people, plants, and animals. They are also designed to fit seamlessly into current industry practices. And now, it’s easier than ever to get our technology to your farm, because of our new distribution through Helena Chemical Co.

Starting in 2018, Helena locations will be offering solid fertilizers coated with BiOWiSH® and liquid fertilizers mixed with BiOWiSH®. This new offering is the result of four years of collaborative research in which we studied the effects of the combined products on a wide range of environments and crop types.


Animal Agriculture Solutions

BiOWiSH enhances the performance of animal feed through safe, all-natural solutions for animal production, too.

Farmers use our direct-fed microbials to improve production efficiency rates for poultry, swine, ruminants, fin fish, and shrimp. Research shows that BiOWiSH® MultiBio products improve average daily gain (ADG) and the feed conversion rate (FCR) for poultry on corn-based and wheat-based diets. In ruminants, BiOWiSH® MultiBio has been shown to increase digestibility and decrease methane production. Our Pre-, Post-, and Probiotic solutions work together to prevent disease, aid in feed digestion, and maintain long-term digestive health.

Farmers can easily coat BiOWiSH® MultiBio 3PS onto a variety of feed or deliver the solution via drinking water. Either way, BiOWiSH® products are simple to implement alongside the management practices you are already using.

If you want to improve production efficiencies for your farming operations, talk to one of our experts at the World Ag Expo – they can help you decide whether BiOWiSH solutions are a good fit for you. We’re proud to, once again, be a part of the World Ag Expo, the largest annual outdoor agricultural expo in the world.

Visit our booth #6018 in the Farm Credit Dairy Center.

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