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What makes the bacteria in the BiOWiSH® agronomy products wake up and how long do they live before and after application?

The bacteria in BiOWiSH® agronomy products exist in spore form and are stable in spore form for up to 3 years when stored as directed. These bacteria in spore stage are dormant until conditions are right for germination, or “waking up.” Optimum conditions for germination include moisture levels greater than about 10%, a carbon:nitrogen ratio greater than about 2:1, and pH greater than 3.5.

The illustrated levels vary as each parameter impacts the level of the others for germination. Once BiOWiSH® products are applied to the soil surface or soil incorporated, spores will germinate and the lifetime of BiOWiSH® bacteria in the soil depends on the conditions of the application environment and management practices. BiOWiSH® bacteria can live in the soil throughout the crop cycle, however, they may not be present in the soil throughout the entire crop cycle due to environmental conditions and management practices.

The role of BiOWiSH® bacteria in the soil is to stimulate the native beneficial bacteria, which will be present throughout the crop cycle and beyond. BiOWiSH® bacteria can, however, continue to live in the plant and remain viable for the lifetime of the plant because BiOWiSH® organisms are endophytes, which means they integrate into the roots of plants and exit back to the soil.  This soil-to-root-to-soil recycling process can occur many times.