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Advanced microbial bioaugmentation solutions for the natural treatment of rivers, lakes & ponds

In surface water treatment, the removal of organic matter, inorganic nutrients and other exposure-related contaminants is essential to the environment and ultimately, human health. Across the globe, municipalities and businesses are using BiOWiSH Technologies’ advanced bioaugmentation solutions for the natural treatment of waste and surface water. Completely safe and non-GMO, BiOWiSH® unlocks the power of nature, creating better life through biology.

BiOWiSH® technology helps industries and governments leapfrog conventional, costly and capital intensive treatment technologies. BiOWiSH® provides a safe and natural means to speed up natural degradation processes in surface water bodies resulting in rapid organic matter degradation, effective nutrient (N & P) management and long-term improvements in water clarity and dissolved oxygen.

The Summer Palace: A Water Restoration Success Story

Proven Results

Water Balance

BiOWiSH® Aqua provided a cost-effective, chemical-free maintenance alternative
for the ornamental ponds of the Summer Palace (颐和园) in Beijing, China.

Water Quality

BiOWiSH® Aqua in Ranisagar Chaupati Lake has remarkably improved water quality index from 36.6 (Bad quality) to 57.5 (Moderate quality) and the trophic status from hypereutrophic to eutrophic in 8 weeks.

Effluent Quality

BiOWiSH® Aqua dramatically improved the quality of water in the canal system with improved BOD & COD by 71% and 72%, respectively and reduced odor in surrounding areas.


“The dosing of BiOWiSH® Aqua in Ranisagar Chaupati Lake has remarkably improved water quality. The organic carbon concentration of lake water, as represented in terms of BOD concentrations also showed an average reduction of 29% within two months of BiOWiSH® Aqua dosing.”

The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute – India

“Six weeks after applying BiOWiSH® to our effluent ponds, the sludge buildup has been noticeably reduced; our wash down water is much cleaner and has no smell.”

Michael Sams
General Manager, Wollondilly Abattoirs – Australia