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Removes excess ammonia and noxious odors at their sources for air quality improvements

Around the world, industrial emissions are becoming an important environmental issue as regulations become more stringent and communities become more conscious of air quality. Noxious odors and emissions can adversely affect the health of people living in surrounding neighborhoods.

Today, BiOWiSH® technology provides a cost-effective and safe solution to some of the most noxious odors and emissions produced by industries. Studies have shown BiOWiSH® technology rapidly reduces odors and a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

Our products are designed to have dual action (gaseous and substrate) and begins working in minutes, reacting bio-chemically with odor-causing molecules, breaking down volatile organic compounds upon contact into their final inert (and smell-free) compounds.

Industrial pollution continues to increase on the global level, even though many countries have regulations in place. Long term effects of air pollution on humans can include serious illness such as chronic respiratory diseases and lung cancer.

The effects on the environment from air pollution is well-documented.  Biodiversity is affected both in wildlife and bodies of water. The harmful effects cause rapid eutrophication of bodies of water by introducing large amounts of nitrogen that stimulate algae growth, in turn, kills fish and stifles other plant growth.