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Living Soil: From the Front Lines of the Soil Renaissance

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Growers know that soil is one of the most important natural resources. The world’s population depends on it to grow crops, filter water, and store carbon. But our soils are in trouble.

Why Everyone Should Care About Soil Fertility

The documentary Living Soil, released by the Soil Health Institute (SHI), points out that our soils are under pressure to produce more crops than ever before. Meanwhile, soil loss and depletion are threatening this vital resource. The film documents how growers, agronomists, and policy makers are joining together to protect and restore soil quality.

“Never have I seen, among farmers, such a broad quest for (soil health) knowledge as I’m seeing now,” notes Barry Fisher of the United States Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service. But this movement stretches beyond growers, notes Bill Buckner, Chair of the Board of SHI. “Consumer packaged goods companies, environmental groups, financial investors, and many others are recognizing the importance and value of improving soil health.”

Get a glimpse of how these diverse groups are banding together in the trailer below.

Want to hear more about the soil renaissance? Watch the full video here:

How Can We Improve Soil Productivity?

Continuing to increase crop yield without nurturing the soil will spell disaster for growers and consumers alike. At BiOWiSH, we know that good soil makes good crops. We partner with growers to cultivate an agronomic first approach that takes soil seriously. That’s why our biostimulants work to improve soil productivity while they increase crop yield.

As Living Soil points out, soil is a living, breathing system teeming with life. BiOWiSH® Crop Technology works with the soil biology, not just adding nutrients, but stimulating the good biology that is already there. It is a sustainable answer to the challenge of growing more food without depleting limited resources.

Growers use BiOWiSH to:

  • Stimulate native microbial activity in the soil
  • Improve soil productivity
  • Increase nutrient availability
  • Increase yield while leaving the soil fertile for future growing seasons

Be the Spark for Sustainable Change

We are proud to be a tool fertilizer companies and growers can use to meet their sustainability goals. When growers use BiOWiSH®, they can reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the chance of contributing to fertilizer runoff. In addition, for many areas of the world, BiOWiSH® products can be instrumental in meeting local environmental regulations.

How does this work?

The biology in BiOWiSH® reduces nitrogen volatilization. That means less nitrogen is lost to the environment. More stays in the soil where crops can use it, which increases the efficiency of the fertilizer that is applied.

New technology like BiOWiSH® will be critical in our efforts to produce enough food to feed world and preserve soil fertility at the same time. To learn more about how BiOWiSH® can increase yields and improve soil at the same time, review some of our case studies.

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