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Working to clean up contaminated land

Hydrocarbons are one of the most common contaminants that require remediation due to the widespread occurrence of spills and from the regular activities of exploration and production of oil and other petroleum-based products. These contaminants are recognized for the risks they pose to human health and waterways.

BiOWiSH® technology increases the oxidation rate of organic pollutants, making it highly effective to use in the remediation of contaminated soil or polluted bodies of water.

Using our bioremediation products provides benefits such as:

• Reduced treatment and disposal costs
• Elimination of long-term environmental liability (TX only)
• Returned value for Grade 2 road material (TX only)
• Reclamation of needed arable land
• High salinity tolerance, allowing seawater application

Oil drilling can create opportunities for spilled oil and pipeline leaks to occur. It also creates various waste products that need to be treated and disposed of properly to minimize harmful effects on the environment.