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BiOWiSH® Triclyst™ is a microbiotic composite comprised of active probiotic microorganism cultures that provide significant health benefits when administered orally. BiOWiSH® probiotics are all natural, FDA GRAS approved microorganisms, produced under Good Manufacturing Practice
(GMP) conditions with strict quality assurance requirements for purity, reproducibility and manufacturing reliability. Containing a proprietary blend of postbiotics derived from the fermentation of specialized probiotic microorganisms, BiOWiSH® TricylstTM is formulated with selected prebiotics to stimulate beneficial bacteria in the microbiota of the intestine, which can help reduce bloating and stomach discomfort.


Applications: Dietary Supplements, Alcohol Metabolism Aids, Skin Care, Nutritional Supplements, Pet Health


Multiple clinical studies are underway or have been completed to help validate the functionality of the company’s technology in support of future licensing and product commercialization opportunities.

Improve Gut Function

Improve Immune Health

Improve Ability to Manage Blood Glucose Levels

Healthy Weight Management

Healthy Detox of the Liver


We make innovative, world-class biotechnology products. Our products positively increase activity in the natural biology that already exists. Our products are non-GMO and completely safe!