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4 Common Diseases That Threaten Shrimp Production

Shrimp farmers are faced with unique challenges as they work to provide the population with a vital source of protein.

At BiOWiSH, we provide tools that help farmers succeed: natural solutions for cleaner shrimp ponds and improved shrimp quality. During the course of developing these critical tools, the aquaculture experts here at BiOWiSH have learned a lot about threats to shrimp health, like disease.

There are four common diseases that significantly impact shrimp production. Watch the video to learn how to identify each one.

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BiOWiSH tools for aquaculture

Many factors impact how susceptible shrimp are to disease. One important factor is water quality. As farmers strive to meet increasing seafood demands, their ponds get crowded. With these higher production rates comes more waste in the water. Dirty pond water pollutes the environment and has negative effects on the animals. As farmers try to increase production, mortality increases, too.


When faced with this challenge, many farmers around the world turn to BiOWiSH® AquaFarm. We work with farmers to develop a simple-to-start plan to improve pond water quality. Research shows that shrimp in ponds treated with BiOWiSH® AquaFarm have lower levels of ammonia and nitrates, and a lower incidence of Vibrio.

With the addition of BiOWiSH® AquaFarm, farmers can stop worrying about water quality and focus on what they do best: feeding the world.

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Even when water quality is optimal, farmers must be vigilant to maintain shrimp health. We support shrimp farmers by offering BiOWiSH® MultiBio 3PS, a direct fed microbial that helps cultivate healthy shrimp.

Research shows that BiOWiSH® MultiBio 3PS promotes gut health, immune health, and improves survivability. BiOWiSH® helps lower mortality rates and decrease disease pressure, so that shrimp and fish can thrive – and farmers can increase their profits

BiOWiSH® technology

For aquaculture solutions to be truly effective, they must be sustainable. That’s why our biotechnology is all-natural and non-GMO. The impressive results farmers get come from a powerful blend of microbial biocatalysts. Because the technology is natural, it is safe for the environment and poses no health risks to farmers.

Our technology is the result of years of development and research into real aquaculture conditions, which is why our products work across a wide range of biologically relevant conditions. Learn more about BiOWiSH’s aquaculture solutions here.

Want to see how BiOWiSH can help you thrive? Contact our aquaculture experts today!