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Getting fresh produce to market with a longer shelf life

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Products designed to improve crop quality during the pre-harvest and post-harvest processes

The banana-harvesting process involves cutting bananas into bunches before washing them. During the washing phase, bananas release latex that needs to be removed to prevent the bananas from ‘staining.’ The staining makes the bananas look spoiled and unsuitable for sale in export markets. Traditionally, bananas are soaked in pools of water containing chlorine and other chemicals which must be replaced daily resulting in a massive consumption of water.

Extends shelf life

Significantly reduces water usage

Effectively removes latex

Fruit has fewer defects and longer storage life

Are You A Banana Producer?

We can help with the banana wash process

With impressive results such as increased shelf life and resolution of the latex issues during the banana wash process, our BiOWiSH® Fruit & Vegetable Wash can help get your bananas to market fresher. Fill out the quick form to your left to contact us today!


The control bananas were not treated with BiOWiSH® Fruit & Vegetable Wash and show a quicker progression of ripening, making them less suitable for sale. Perishable food loss is a significant problem in the industry, large volumes of perishable food must be thrown away before they ever get to market.

When added to the banana-wash process BiOWiSH® Fruit & Vegetable Wash resolves the latex issue, improves the visual quality of bananas, significantly extends the shelf life of bananas, and reduces post-harvest defects.


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