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Helping farmers improve production efficiencies

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Pre-, Post- and Probiotic solutions for animal agriculture that improve production efficiencies

We depend on farmers who raise livestock to provide us with beef, poultry, and dairy products. In some countries, demand for meat is increasing, while others are calling for more sustainable practices. Farmers need solutions that help support the health and well-being of their animals while increasing productivity.

We’ve made it our mission to provide sustainable animal agriculture technology that integrates seamlessly with industry best practices. Our all-natural microbial solutions improve feed efficiency and average daily gain. BiOWiSH® products are compatible with antibiotic-free production systems and improve effluent quality, too, so farmers are protecting the environment at the same time they are increasing their profitability.

Adding BiOWiSH® MultiBio 3PS to Animal Production Drinking Water



Feed Efficiency

BiOWiSH® MultiBio 3P improved weight gain and feed efficiency when added to various broiler chicken diet types.


Animal Production

BiOWiSH® MultiBio 3PS improved animal performance, lowered feed costs, and reduced need for veterinary treatment, resulting in a 26% increase in profits.

Nutrient Utilization

In this research study, BiOWiSH® reduced methane production and improved feed digestibility in beef cattle.

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“We have used probiotics and enzymes from dozens of foreign firms, but there were no products that brought high efficiency like BiOWiSH®.”
Mr. Long - Director
Hoang Long Swine Cooperative, Vietnam

Our Products

We make innovative, world-class biotechnology products. Our products positively increase activity in the natural biology that already exists.
Our products are non-GMO and completely safe!