2 Steps to Increase the Bottom Line on your Shrimp Farm

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How to Increase the Bottom Line on your Shrimp Farm in 2 Simple Steps

How can farmers achieve more profitable shrimp with minimal investment? BiOWiSH Technologies’ 2 step process for aquaculture works without overspending upfront on new products and additional labor to implement.

Step 1: Improve Water Quality with BiOWiSHTM AquaFarm

BiOWiSHTM AquaFarm is a powerful mix of biocatalysts that improves and maintains water quality by accelerating the removal of nitrogenous wastes and promoting water biology.

Benefits of BiOWiSHTM AquaFarm:BiOWiSH AquaFarm

  • Improves water quality
  • Nutrient management
  • Helps odor control

Improved water quality includes:

  • More efficient nitrogen cycle
  • Improved levels of dissolved oxygen (DO)
  • Reduced sludge accumulation
  • Reduced need for pond clean out

Suitable for the Following Aquaculture Applications:

  • Hatchery & Maturation Tanks
  • Pond Preparation
  • Shrimp Raceways
  • Shrimp Production
  • Fish Ponds and Tanks
  • Ornamental Fish Ponds


Step 2: Increase Profits with BiOWiSHTM MultiBio 3PS

It is widely accepted that the largest upfront cost for all animal agriculture farmers is the feed. BiOWiSHTM MultiBio 3PS is a direct fed microbial that, when added to the shrimps’ diets, cultivates bacteria under many stress conditions.

Unique Benefits of BiOWiSHTM MultiBio 3PS: BiOWiSH MultiBio 3PS

  • Highly efficient and fast acting
  • Effective across a wide range of biologically relevant feed and animal types including shrimp and fin fish
  • Cost-effective and its performance for the end-user yields a leading return on investment

Suitable for Coating the Following Aquaculture Feeds:

  • Sinking shrimp feed
  • Floating pelleted aquaculture feed


See the Results for Yourself

The first step in any improvement process is knowing where you started. Find your starting point by measuring the initial stocking density of shrimp in your pond. Click here to see our how-to video on how to count PL shrimp 10-12 and a calculator to estimate the number of PLs delivered.

When you are ready to take the first step toward a more profitable aquaculture operation, contact your local BiOWiSHTM Distributor, found online at biowishtech.com/distributors.

We also have a team of Animal Health Technicians available to answer your questions. Contact us today.

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